Use This Trick For Crispier Cookies

Cookies come in so many flavors and textures, but the overarching themes tend to be soft and fluffy or thin and oh-so crispy. For those who love nothing more than a great snap to their cookies, it is important to understand what makes cookies turn out so thin and crumbly. Ultimately, the key is to have a cookie dough that spreads quickly, so the cookies can bake thin and get crisp in the oven (via The Spruce Eats). There are, however, several ways to make this happen.

According to Yuppie Chef, the easiest way to get thinner, crunchier cookies is to simply reduce the amount of flour you use. While this is one easy way to get a more brittle result, there are other factors to consider. So, if reducing the amount of flour you use in your cookie dough doesn't get your cookies as thin and crisp as you'd like, then you might need to try tweaking some of the other ingredients.

Reconsider the fat and sugar you use

It's all about the type of sugar and fat you use in the cookie dough, according to King Arthur Baking. How much and what kind of each of those ingredients you use contributes to the overall moisture level inside the cookies as they bake. If the cookies have a lot of moisture in the dough, then they likely won't have enough time to dry out in the middle to the point of being crispy. That's why the outlet suggests swapping vegetable shortening for butter and granulated sugar for brown sugar. 

There's water in butter that creates steam for the cookies to rise, as well as molasses in brown sugar, which has water that evaporates out as steam too. By reducing the amounts of each of these ingredients or swapping them with alternatives, you'll have a drier cookie dough and ultimately a thinner, crunchier cookie. The Spruce Eats also explains that eggs in a cookie dough contributes to the moisture level. So, if you remove them from the dough, the cookies should also be thinner and breakable. Consider which swap or tweak might be best for your cookies and give it a try if you really want to achieve a crisp cookie.