Costco Shoppers Think You Should Skip These Frozen Avocado Chunks. Here's Why

Costco as a retail giant ensures that its loyalists have loads of options to pick from, no matter what they're looking for. To the delight of a lot of customers, the brand has lots of healthy products, which means that shoppers have lots to experiment with. If you're fond of snacking, you're probably aware that Costco has healthy picks, such as affordable packs of nuts like almonds and cashews, hummus packs, and Kirkland almond butter (via The Healthy).

Additionally, Costco is constantly restocking and adding its cult favorites back to its aisles. However, all Costco products are not created equal and some end up being less popular than their counterparts. Consider packets of avocado chunks from Nature's Touch, for example. They've left many Costco customers displeased. According to the brand's website, this product was created to be extra convenient for home cooks, with avocados that are "ripe-frozen in perfectly hand-cut chunks."

Shoppers are not impressed

An Instagram post by the account Costco Buys praised the frozen avocado chunks. The post read, "They're perfect for salads and homemade guacamole and is $9.99 for 3 lbs!" The account added that the product can be thawed in the refrigerator for a couple of hours before being used, and they're particularly good for creamy, delicious smoothies. Costco shoppers in the comments section, however, didn't quite agree.

For one, many shoppers are repulsed by the idea of frozen avocados and think that they should always be fresh. When someone asked about the product's texture, one commenter lamented, "...They're gross. I was really disappointed." Someone else wrote that the product is only palatable with smoothies rather than on top of fresh salads. Oh no. Another shopper didn't even like the smoothies they made with the frozen avocado chunks and said, "They are actually really nasty. I bought this to use in smoothies and they have made all the smoothies taste awful. I returned it." "Only fresh in this house," one shopper summarized. Best to skip this one.