The Biggest Grilling Mistake You've Been Making, According To Scott Conant

When it comes to food, we know chef Scott Conant has the "chops" to understand the tasty vs. the terrible. After judging so many "Chopped" contestants across an incredibly wide range of skills and ingredients, this award-winning chef has his own set of tricks he's developed over the years. When it comes to working with a grill, Conant explained to Insider that you need to be seasoning it, too, not just the food you put on it. "I throw herbs and garlic heads and other seasonings directly onto the grill with the items I'm grilling. I love the flavor transfer and the slight char of the herbs and seasonings," Conant told the outlet.

Before you get too confused, remember that there are multiple types of grills you can use, including flat tops, as well as multiple sizes and shapes of herbs and spices. There are many ways to minimize the chance of those delicious seasonings falling through the slats, but it's absolutely okay if a few do. If you're worried about garlic minces, consider using larger cloves or full sprigs of rosemary instead of single needles, for example.

What you should season your grill with

While Scott Conant may be a well-known name sharing this advice, the idea of seasoning your grill isn't new and has been tested with much success. Grilling with fresh herbs is said to add a subtle flavor layer to your cooking (via Garden Life). Some of the most common herbs used for this are chives, oregano, tarragon, sage, and thyme. In addition to being tasty and aromatic, these are also simple herbs to grow in your own garden if you have space for a pot or raised bed.

To make things even easier, try creating bundles of your grown, picked, or store bought herbs. Garden Life says to soak your bundle in water and then place directly on the coals. Use this like smoking wood and make sure you close the lid. You may also want to try herb skewers. Rosemary is a popular choice for it's stalky, woody stems. Remove some leaves and start stabbing — whether it be meat or veggie, it'll all taste delicious. For any leftover herbs, mix them up into a marinade or rub, and like chef Conant told Insider, let it all season the grill, too. 

So, really, the biggest grilling mistake you're making, according to Conant, is not adding more herbs to everything.