This Is The Food Giada De Laurentiis Originally Wanted To Cook

When it comes to famous Italian food personalities from television, a list is rarely complete without Giada de Laurentiis. She is listed as one of "4 Italian Celebrity Chefs That will Heat up Your Kitchen" on Flora Foods, one of Nerdy Foodies "Top 10 Most Famous Italian Chefs", as well as a featured talent on a variety of Food Network shows like "Giada Entertains," "Giada at Home", "Food Network Star" and more. And on these shows her culinary claim to fame stems from one country: Italy. 

Her Italian connections even stretch to her pronunciation of common Italian food terms, often receiving some humorous backlash from outlets like BuzzFeed. But as synonymous as she's become with Italian cooking today, Giada did not originally want to become an Italian chef. She had a whole other place in mind when she started her cooking journey and trained to cook in that style for years. 

Giada's original culinary aspirations

What cuisine did de Laurentiis prefer to the purveyors of pizza? Turns out, France was calling her name. As Giada noted to 177 Milk Street, "I went to Paris and I wanted to be an unbelievable pastry chef who could create sculptures out of sugar work, which is what I did a lot of in Paris ... I just didn't feel like tossing pasta. I was like no, that's below me."

It's true. tells the story of Giada's background, noting that she got her start studying at the acclaimed culinary school Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. At some point a friend of hers who worked at Food & Wine asked her to pen a piece detailing "her family's Sunday meal traditions." It was this request that propelled her directly into the Italian cooking ouvre, eventually leading to her own Food Network show. Can you picture a world without Giada's famous spagh-ee-ti? Thank goodness we don't have to!