Costco Shoppers Love This Outdoor Cooking Pit

"How cool is this outdoor cooking pit?" asked Costco super-fan Instagrammer, @costcobuys of its 390,000 followers. Apparently, the answer to that question is "way cool," based on the more than 2,617 likes the post has garnered as of this writing, not to mention various enthusiastic post-comments. The cooking pit is constructed from solid steel and finished with high-heat paint, which features a cast iron-grated grill, steel fire poker, hinged door, and spark guard mesh on all sides (via Costco).

According to product information supplied to Costco from the cooking pit's manufacturer, Hello Outdoors, this "easy to use" outdoor cooking pit is offered at the manufacturer suggested retail price of $199.99. However, @costcobuys indicates in its post that this fun seasonal item can be found at some Costcos for a mere $129.99, which represents a 35% discount. With or without the substantial price drop, here is what Costco shoppers are saying they love about this outdoor cooking pit.

What's not to love about an outdoor cooking pit you can buy for under $200?

Fans were quick to react to the Instagram post with one writing, "What a great deal!" Another user commented, "We bought this last year and love it." Although another Instagrammer that already bought this item in a prior year pointed out it needed repainting after the first year, but "we still love it." Though the users didn't specify how much they paid for the product, they likely got a great deal. Given that the Costco website lists the price at $199.99, it is still a steep discount compared to how much it would cost to build one yourself. Costimates reports it would set you back $535 if you attempted to set one up. 

Luckily, you don't have to worry about that because this is the perfect product for an ideal price. So, the next time you head to Costco, make sure you pick up this cooking pit. Your guests and family at your next outdoor barbecue will be very grateful you did.