The Weight Of The Largest Snickers Bar May Surprise You

Chocolate is the answer to nearly every problem — it can cheer you up, make a dull day brighter, and even help you celebrate a special occasion. Speaking of chocolate, Snickers has been around for so long that nearly everyone you know is probably familiar with the brand and its peanut-based chocolate bars. According to Today, Snickers is a classic favorite because the chocolate has a nougat base that's created with the help of ingredients like vanilla, sugar, and egg whites. It also has a caramel layer that's expertly mixed with peanuts before the chocolate bar is generously covered with milk chocolate

As a brand, Snickers is known for attracting plenty of attention from its fans. Like, for instance, when the brand came up with its largest bar ever and even managed to break a world record in the process. The massive candy bar had all the delicious ingredients that Snickers bars are known to have.

The giant Snickers bar weighed over two tons

According to Thrillist, the giant Snickers bar was like a dream come true — it had over 1,200 pounds of caramel, nougat, and peanuts. Plus ... wait for this ... 3,500 pounds of chocolate. It could be easily compared to 41,000 normal-sized Snickers bars. Also, 15 professionals had to work alongside each other to create the world's largest Snickers bar. 

Josh Olken, Snickers' brand director, said that this was a big deal for the company. He explained, "We're not only celebrating the 90th anniversary of the brand, but the Super Bowl will also mark ten years since the iconic 'Game' spot launched the award-winning 'You're Not You When You're Hungry' campaign," referring to the brand's popular advertisements that focus on the idea that being hungry makes people behave in odd ways. Olken added, "What better time than the Super Bowl to satisfy something on the biggest scale yet?" Well, the company got its wish and the Snickers bar set the Guinness World Record for being the most massive chocolate nut bar across the globe.