This Is The Hardest Challenge On Supermarket Stakeout, According To Alex Guarnaschelli

"Supermarket Stakeout," as IMDB puts it, is a show hosted by Alex Guarnaschelli in which "four chefs square off in a competitive pop-up kitchen outside a grocery store" with themes they have to consider for each round. They have to confront shoppers in grocery stores, making assumptions about what's in their bags and negotiating to retrieve them to cook with. An avid food show viewer may get this confused with "Guy's Grocery Games," a show that also takes place in a supermarket, but as e!online outlines, that show's challenges focus more on common things one might have to factor in when grocery shopping, like cooking on a budget or shopping on a timeline. Also, Fieri's Flavortown Market is custom-built just for "Guy's Grocery Games," whereas Guarnaschelli's show features real grocery stores.

The concept of "Supermarket Stakeout" alone sounds challenging, especially the part where contestants must confront some not-so friendly shoppers. But apparently one challenge stands out above all of the others in this competition, proving who the fiercest and most resourceful competitors really are.

Baking is hard!

There are no two ways about it. As Perfectly Pastry puts it, precision is important in baking for several reasons. When you bake a dessert, you want every piece to look and taste the same. That's why she lauds precision baking for its ability to "ensure that you can create standardized recipes, consistently bake the same great products." However, holding your desserts to such a high standard can be daunting.

This is likely the same reason Alex Guarnaschelli revealed to her Twitter followers that the hardest challenge to complete on Supermarket Stakeout is dessert. And she is not alone. When Reader's Digest asked what their least favorite dishes to make are, many chefs noted a variety of desserts, from profiteroles to molten lava cakes. And many a contestant has been sent home on various food shows because their dessert just wasn't up to snuff (via Kidspot). So maybe its not just "Supermarket Stakeout" that poses a challenge when it comes to confections.