The Real Reason You Should Be Drinking Beer From A Teku Glass

Whether you're sipping ale from a pint glass or pouring back lager from a stein, you may have not given the vessel much thought. After all, a beer glass does little more than transfer your drink from the tap to your deserving mouth, right? Well, when it comes to some beer glasses there may be a little more going on than meets the lips. 

One glass, called a teku, looks something like an angular, stemmed wine glass. According to Bon Appétit, the design of this glass has a specific purpose: to trap aromas. By having a larger bottom and smaller top, aromas are kept at the top of the glass and won't completely vanish the moment after being poured. On top of that, there's the thin lip providing a plush experience, and according to the outlet, having a stem to grab instead of palming the whole glass means your drink won't catch up to your body temperature so quickly. This is great for slow drinkers tired of being stuck with warm pints of beer!

Elevating your beer experience

A lot of thought and design elements went into making the teku glass, including its name. According to The New York Times, that idea came from its savvy creators. Two beer aficionados, Teo Musso and Lorenzo "Kuaska" Dabove, combined components of their own monikers to create the name. Mark Verling, beverage director of Tørst in Brooklyn, told The New York Times that Musso owns a brewery in Italy and was on a mission to elevate the beer drinking experience in restaurants to that of drinking wine. (So, like, not crushing it like Quint?)

If you're out and about, then you'll probably just be drinking beer in whatever container your bartender puts it in — and be more than happy to do so! But is it worth buying a teku glass for home consumption? To find out, The New York Times did a taste test with a variety of glasses and found that beers served in Solo cups and imperial pint glasses were noticeably less flavorful, while curvy glasses like teku glasses, wine glasses, and tulip glasses all offered an equivocally more flavor-packed experience. If you do feel it's time to ditch the red cups for teku glasses, you can find them at KegWorks

The next time you press your lips against the pleasantly thin lip of a teku glass, you'll have a lot to ponder as the cold beer trickles down your throat. Now, please excuse us, we just remembered we have somewhere to be.