Why You Should Think Twice About Getting The Bacon Cheeseburger At Five Guys

As far as a fast food chains go, Five Guys can be a delicious option. After all, you have so much to feast on like crunchy fries, juicy hamburgers, thick milkshakes, and more. Another great thing about Five Guys, the portion sizes are said to be pretty satisfying too, so you don't have to be afraid of leaving hungry after spending your hard-earned money. Eat This, Not That! shares the chain's story began in 1986, when Jerry and Janie Murrell opened the brand's first location in Arlington, Virginia. Now (according to its website), Five Guys has at least 1,700 outlets worldwide and plans on opening even more in the future.

Of course, there is one classic fast food problem that you cannot overlook, even at Five Guys — healthy food isn't the brand's strong suit. For example, even a "little hamburger" at the fast food chain has 540 calories (via Five Guys). And if you want fries, your smallest option comes in at 530 calories — that's 1070 calories total for the smallest combo you can get. Thinking of upgrading to a large fry? You're looking at 1,310 calories, even before you begin to think about your burger. We're guessing Five Guys probably expects you to share ... However, when it comes down to it, no single serving option is as unhealthy at Five Guys as its bacon cheeseburger.

The bacon cheeseburger is very high in calories and fat

We agree that a bacon cheeseburger does sound rather tempting, and the description of it also makes our mouth water. It reads, "Two hand-formed patties, grilled to order – with two strips of crispy bacon and two slices of Kraft American cheese – all on a soft, sesame seed bun." But here's the problem, the cheeseburger has so many calories that you'll end up finishing most of your day's requirements in one sitting. Not convinced? Let's look at the specifics. 

The bacon cheeseburger at Five Guys has 1,060 calories, 40 grams of carbohydrates, 62 grams of fat, and 1,310 milligrams of sodium (via Verywell Fit). Which is very problematic, since the FDA recommends that both men and women consume around 2,000 calories a day. Plus, the burger's abysmally high sodium levels aren't encouraging either. So, it's best to just avoid this option the next time you find yourself at the restaurant.

Reviews say the taste is also not worth it

On top of being unhealthy for you, it apparently doesn't even taste all that great. According to Timeout, the sheer amount of salt in the dish is hard to ignore. "Solid crunch, solid levels of I'm-going-to-need-a-gallon-of-water-later salt, solid amount of cheese holding it all together," the reviewer wrote. "But is it just me or does this taste a little sweet? I think it's the bread? Why is this happening?"

Another critique posted on Esquire noted that the burger is rather messy and overwhelming. There's just too much going on, leaving you with barely any room to enjoy what you're eating, unless you prefer to taste multiple flavors all at once. It may work for some customers, but many may find that the dish isn't as satisfying as it should be. Thankfully, there are other options at the restaurant that are better and healthier for you.

There are some healthier options at Five Guys

It may be hard to believe, but you can stay on the right track health-wise and enjoy fast food at a place like Five Guys. According to Health, one of the best things that you can do at the restaurant is choose something that is smaller in size. Some of the easiest options worth considering include the little burger without a bun, the veggie sandwich, and the hot dog sans the bun. And you'll have to be mindful of extra toppings and stay away from temptation. A Food Network piece echoes similar sentiments and advises its readers to load up on as many vegetables in your meal as possible. 

An employee at the restaurant offered more advice on staying healthy while dining at Five Guys. They wrote on Reddit, "The healthiest thing you can order is a bun-less veggie (150~ calories) and bottled water...you can ask for grilled toppings, like grilled pepper or jalapeños." They added that the default option is to grill the vegetables using the patties' grill but you can request for your toppings to be prepared on the buns' grill instead. They recommend the latter option because it helps avoid extra fat. Luckily, if you follow some of these suggestions you can still enjoy a delicious meal, but with half the calories. Sounds like a win-win to us.