Picnic Foods You May Not Know Could Repel Pests

The sun is officially gracing us with its presence again, which means it's the perfect time to spend outdoors. While some prefer to have a barbecue with friends, nothing is quite as cozy as a picnic. It's also a super cute and romantic way to spend time with your partner that involves pretty views and delicious food. What more could you want? However, sometimes after we put our blanket down on the freshly cut grass and get our picnic basket out, we start to realize we're surrounded by bugs. Luckily, there are several foods that we can bring that will help to keep the pests away. 

All Recipes suggest loading up on entrees with garlic, onion and tomatoes. Apparently, mosquitos also don't like the smell of garlic on our breath or seeping out of our pores, and will likely stay clear. Onion and tomatoes also change our scent in a way that wards off insects, so we can enjoy our charcuterie plate in peace. The outlet also recommends bringing steaks that are slathered in a garlic marinade or salads that are full of tender tomatoes and fresh mozzarella.

Other foods that will keep the bugs away from your picnic

Another easy way to keep your blanket insect free is by choosing some spicy food options. EatingWell notes that items like chile peppers contain capsaicin, which is the active ingredient that helps repel bugs. The outlet advises packing on the heat in your favorite guacamole recipe by adding things like jalapeños and peppers. Another flavorsome option you can try is southwest grilled sandwiches that feature chili powder and salsa (via All Recipes).

Citrus is also a great way to keep critters at bay. Grapefruit, specifically, has even been shown to ward off ticks because it contains a chemical called Nootkatone, per EatingWell. The options are truly endless with this fruit, with recipes ranging from a basic yogurt parfait to a fancy grapefruit brûlée (via Epicurious). So, the next time you're planning a picnic outing, just remember these easy tips and it should keep you pest free.