Pop-Tarts Just Came Out With Its First Mystery Flavor. Here's What We Know So Far

It feels like Pop-Tarts have a flavor for everyone. According to Delish, Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Cookies and Creme, and Pretzel Cinnamon Sugar flavors top the chart as some of the best tasting varieties of this morning staple, but fan favorites like Frosted Raspberry and Confetti Cupcake easily hold their own against others. With so many taste sensations available, it seems like Pop-Tart has no chance of topping itself, yet it may have achieved the impossible with its latest flavor.

According to a press statement sent to Mashed, Pop-Tarts plans to release a "Mister E" flavor this month. The product, which should appear at most major retailers, has a backstory like no other product. Pop-Tarts claims a masked intruder infiltrated the Pop-Tarts factory and created a secret, mysterious flavor. The company hired Mister E, a world-class investigator and central character found on the product's box, to investigate the new flavor with the help of breakfast fans. Pop-Tart connoisseurs should taste the new product, and share their flavor guess after scanning the QR code found on the box. After scanning the code, your phone or tablet should send you to the Pop-Tarts website, where you can guess and enter to win the chance to score some big prizes. The chance to enter starts on May 27, so keep a lookout for these new breakfast treats soon.

The greatest mystery Pop-Tart fans have ever faced

If you guess the Pop-Tarts flavor correctly, you can win some serious prizes. According to Fansided, participants have the chance to win hoodies, hats, and 10 lucky winners can walk away with an Xbox Series S console. Make sure to get a move on soon to get the chance to win. According to Chewboom, the new product comes in eight and sixteen-count boxes. Keep an eye for the big flavor reveal, which should get announced on Pop-Tarts' social media channels. The new flavor only graces shelves as long as supplies last, so don't sleep on this deal.

With a mystery this big, Pop-Tarts desperately needs your help to figure out the new flavor packed into their latest product. This fun way to enjoy breakfast can put a smile on anyone's face, and the chance to win big makes the mystery flavor irresistible to try.