Alex Guarnaschelli's Unexpected Trick For Fluffier Eggs

If every celebrity scrambled egg hack has thus far failed you, if you have a sneaking suspicion that all celebrity chef guidance re: scrambled eggs is one big conspiracy theory to make your cooking skills feel inferior, and if fluffy eggs make you happier than Bobby McFerrin ever could ... give Alex Guarnaschelli a shot. (Bobby McFerrin sings "Don't Worry, Be Happy," okay? Glad we cleared that reference up.) Guarnaschelli, like Anthony Bourdain, Martha Stewart, Gordon Ramsay (via Tasty), and anyone else who aspires to a delicious scramble, is a supporter of butter. She's also into a non-stick pan, which when combined with butter, per the Food Network star, is "the best combo to make the eggs cook evenly" (via Reader's Digest). 

To achieve the perfect amount of fluff Guarnaschelli adds one, almost impossibly simple ingredient (more on that later). She has another unbreakable rule: "Cream [and] milk ... drag the eggs down!" she told Readers Digest. This, of course, puts Guarnaschelli's recipe at odds with Andrew Zimmern and Adam Richman, who both believe in dairy-infused scrambles (via Insider). 

The free ingredient behind Alex Guarnaschelli's fluffy scramble

The secret to Alex Guarnaschelli's fluffy scramble really is water ... and only water. The steam is what helps to add body and levity to the eggs. As per what the celebrity chef explained to Reader's Digest, you'll want to "whisk in" a "splash" of H20, and "nothing else." Also, the Supermarket Stakeout host advised that "I stir consistently, sweeping the sides and edges to make sure the egg doesn't stick and cook too quickly in only one area." Throw out your recipe books and Youtube tutorial. You heard it from a master. All you really need for an impeccable fluffly scramble are eggs, salt, pepper, butter, water, a non-stick pan, and a little bit of consistency when stirring. 

Have you finally graduated to bigger and better things? Permission granted to stop stressing about egg fluff and start worrying about what you'll eat your thanks-to-Alex-Guarnaschelli perfectly fluffed scrambled eggs with. For example, Martha Stewart's decadent, cheddar biscuits (via Twitter).