How Much Robert Irvine Likes To Know Before Filming Each Episode Of Restaurant: Impossible

Celebrity chef Robert Irvine's show "Restaurant: Impossible" is a fascinating program, known for its generous mix of drama and powerful moments. Per TV Overmind, the show was a spin-off that came after Irvine's previous success with "Dinner: Impossible." In simplified terms, the show follows Irvine and his team as they work out several strategies to help a struggling establishment and save it from collapse.

Of course, not everyone is keen on being a part of the show because they don't like to admit that their business isn't doing well. Sometimes, business owners' close associates get in touch with the "Restaurant: Impossible" team in a bid to help their loved ones. According to Fan Sided, Irvine does not like being too harsh on the restaurant owners when he's working with them. He said, "My job is to build them up in order to teach them new tricks and new things about their business, about their relationships with the staff and their families."

Robert Irvine doesn't like knowing too much beforehand

Robert Irvine has revealed on Twitter that he does not like preparing beforehand and getting access to a lot of information about a place before going to film a new "Restaurant: Impossible" episode. A fan asked Irvine where he'll be filming and he wrote, "I have no idea lol .. just know it's a place called Mexican village... that's all I want to know the rest I will find out when I drive up tomorrow." Another fan really liked Irvine's strategy and commented, "Going in blind is better for things like this. you can't google or weasel other facts out. it's just what you're presented with."

Irvine agreed with this and wrote that he prefers being completely unaware so that he will not end up judging someone or going in with preconceived notions. Seems like an effective and a thoughtful move, doesn't it?