This Is The Easiest Way To Break Down A Chicken, According To MasterChef Champ Courtney Lapresi

There is something truly special about creating food from scratch. Just ask this man who The Verge reported spent "six months and $1,500" preparing every element of his chicken sandwich from scratch, including "growing a garden, turning ocean water into salt, making cheese, and killing a chicken." According to Copywriter's Kitchen, the benefits are plentiful — from saving money, to improved health and flavor, and even mental improvements like relaxation and "spiritual balance." 

And, while Julia Child may be able to count roast chicken as one of her all-time greatest recipes — just ask Food & Wine — not many have gone so far as to break down an entire uncooked chicken on their own for the fun of it. According to the Washington Post, learning how to work this technique yourself could benefit you in about as many ways as scratch cooking itself. On top of its empowering push, it's a noted way to save money on one of America's favorite proteins. So how do you do it?

Breaking it down for you

Courtney Lapresi, a contestant on Season 5 of "MasterChef," mentioned in a behind-the-scenes interview that, during her season, she counted whole roast chicken as one of her favorite dishes to make, noting her favorite prep is with lemon and rosemary. So clearly she's had her fair share of experience with the poultry. In March, the chef posted a video on Instagram breaking down all the steps involved in breaking down a chicken.

Her whole video takes about 10 minutes and she notes the process should be easy. She starts by working her way along the wings, breasts, and thighs. Moving along each joint, she notes that a sharp knife, using long strokes so the whole blade hits the chicken, will work along those joints to make it an easy, effortless cut. If you have to use force, you are doing it wrong and risk cutting yourself. She also gives some tips on what to do with bits you don't use, specifically calling out the cage and wings, which she does not eat, as those parts can be utilized in stocks. And while she seems to work up a bit of a sweat, she definitely makes it look a bit more breezy than the seemingly daunting task often appears. 

Check out her video and save some cash by trying it out for yourself!