Here's Why Reddit Fans Think Marcela Valladolid Really Left The Kitchen

"The Kitchen" is an incredibly popular show that has been on the air since 2014. According to IMDb, the show has already managed to release 27 seasons and is currently on its 28th edition. Phew! Per the Food Network, this show is basically a talk show that gives fans a glimpse into how incredible meals are prepared by top chefs as they discuss fun topics, such as "the merits of several kitchen gadgets versus a good paring knife."

The show has been backed by numerous famous names in the food industry, such as chef Jeff Mauro, food writer Katie Lee, chef Geoffrey Zakarian, and more. It is hosted by TV personality and author Sunny Anderson. The show originally also included chef and writer Marcela Valladolid. She shared a moving post on Instagram when she left the show, writing that she was leaving the show after spending an incredible amount of time working on it: She was around for 182 episodes and 14 seasons. But what motivated her departure? Well, Reddit users have some theories of their own.

Fans have their own theories

Fans of "The Kitchen" discussed what could have prompted Marcela Valladolid to quit the show. The OP of the Reddit thread asked other fans to shed light on this topic and discuss their thoughts. A viewer wrote that they believe that the chef was extremely caught up with her personal life and couldn't deal with being a part of the show. They also claimed, "She later stated that she wasn't making her genre of food on The Kitchen." Another commentator agreed with this theory and said that Valladolid was definitely not happy with the dishes on the show.

Meanwhile, another Food Network fan said that they read that the show required the chef to commute quite a bit, which was not sustainable in the long run. What did Valladolid say, though? Her Instagram post read, "I'm a west coast gurl with a West coast family and it's time for me to be here and share with you the stories and recipes that I truly share with my family and friends." Seems like the commute was a bit too much, after all.