The Reason Aldi Shoppers Are So Confused By These Fruit Snacks

Aldi has a ton of great snacks for anyone with a sweet tooth. Lunch Buddies Fruit Flavored Snacks ranks as some of the best snack candies around, impressing with their bold fruit taste and great value (via The Budget Reviews). These snacks continue to hold their own on Aldi's shelves, and appear at various prices across U.S. locations (via Aldi).

While this fruit snack has proven its worth, some fans haven't completely fallen for this treat. Over at r/aldi, one confused Redditor posted a picture of two Lunch Buddies snack packs that contained different amounts of candies, with the caption "I like your stores Aldi, and so does my wife, but you can't seriously tell me that these bags are sold by weight. It's not like the bag on the left has larger gummies in it. The gummies are all pretty much the same size. Why does my kid sometimes get 7 or 5 even, and other times 12?" Other users wondered about this same question, causing a whole discussion about these fruit treats.

A wealth of disparity in Aldi's fruit snacks

If the irregular distribution found in the fruit snacks seems ridiculous, the numbers can't hold a candle to fellow Redditors. According to the Reddit post, other disgruntled fans chimed and recounted times their products didn't include enough candy. One commenter said "I got a bag with TWO. TWO," with another responding with "I have gotten 1 several times actually." Some Aldi shoppers have a system, claiming "I always pick the fuller packs and leave the lighter ones for everyone else," and others related the event to times to eating other Aldi products, claiming "This is the kinda stuff I hate about Aldi. Was in their store a couple weeks ago and grabbed two bags of those Churro crisps and they were empty!!! A bag full of air. How does that pass QA???"

Whatever the case may be, make sure to carefully weigh Lunch Buddies fruit snacks in your hands next time you go shopping. If you end up grabbing the wrong box, you could end up with packages featuring a smaller-than-normal serving that could make anyone frustrated. Remember to stay vigilant during your next grocery run to avoid this annoying Aldi pitfall.