The Tragic Childhood Of Tiffani Faison

Chef Tiffani Faison made a name for herself in the culinary world, while appearing on the first season of "Top Chef." Faison's dynamic personality and strong work ethic made her stand out from the other cheftestants, which led to her placing second in the competition, per Bravo. The talented cook has also gone on to appear in "Top Chef All-Stars" and "Chef Duels," showing fans that she's not afraid of a challenge. And if you thought Faison was one to rest on her television accomplishments, you'd be wrong. She's also currently the head chef and owner of multiple restaurants that include Sweet Cheeks, Tiger Mama, and Fool's Errand in Boston, Massachusetts (via The Connect Group).

Although her life may appear to be glamorous now, Faison had a very difficult time growing up. The television personality's father was in the military and her family moved around constantly during her youth, making it difficult for her to make friends, according to Boston Magazine. She explained to the publication she was also bullied by other kids for her clothes, and struggled to deal with her father's alcoholism.

Tiffani Faison dealt with an alcoholic father and coming to terms with her sexuality in her teens

Faison told Boston Magazine her dad's addiction problem led to him being mostly absent from her life and a very "angry man." During her tumultuous childhood, her parents also divorced, leaving her to pick up the pieces. To add to the confusion, the celebrity chef also found out from her father that she had a half-brother that she never knew existed before. "The fun part is, he told me that he'd already told me this, and that I knew, and I was crazy," she divulged. Faison added that she currently doesn't have a relationship with her dad.

Even though the openly queer chef is a big proponent of LGBT human rights issues today, she used to struggle with her sexuality (via Bravo). As a teenager she came out to her mom, who had trouble understanding it. "I just remember feeling so ashamed, in a way that I hadn't ever felt," Faison revealed to Boston Magazine. However, with time the famous chef has seemingly been able to heal from some of the wounds she experienced as a child. She currently lives with her wife and business partner, Kelly Walsh, and the pair's adorable dogs (via Boston Chefs).