The Real Reason This Chick-Fil-A Employee Chased Down A Car In Traffic

Chick-fil-A has grown quite the reputation over the years, but if we know one thing for sure, it is that the brand goes above and beyond for its customers. According to Business Insider, the fast food chain scored the best customer satisfaction rating in the industry for four years in a row. We can all agree, the hospitality is like no other.

This has become a running joke within social media platforms, as content creators claim that Chick-fil-A workers will do anything to reach optimal customer service. In fact, a TikTok parody just went viral that expresses the lengths that the employees will go to if they mess up an order.

Another customer documented the brand's rain suits that workers have to wear in order to provide assistance in the drive thru line while in the pouring rain. Chick-fil-A makes sure employees say phrases like "please" and "thank you" so fans of the franchise feel appreciated. It's the little things!

Chick-fil-A worker runs after customers car for French Fries

This exemplary service is showcased in a video captured by a passerby. A young Chick-fil-A employee chased down a car during a traffic rush for one reason: french fries. Oncoming cars do not stop a Chick-fil-A worker from getting to a customer who forgot their bag of fries!

Reddit users are having a field day, as one fan said, "That is dedication!" and another said, "I've done this too. Chasing down customers is the best feeling in the world honestly." The standards for fast food chains are now raised!

This is not the first time that a customer witnessed Chick-fil-A's next level commitment to service. Back in September, a girl's car stopped working in a viral TikTok video. The company gave her a frozen lemonade for comfort, and then pushed her car through the drive thru and into a nearby parking spot. Now that is some elite service!