The Condiment Nigella Lawson Wishes She Could Get In The UK

Legendary chef and cookbook author, Nigella Lawson, has spent many years in the culinary industry, perfecting all kinds of recipes and sharing them with her fans. "I'm a home cook with not a great deal of expertise but quite a lot of experience," she told Vogue. The chef has remained humble throughout the years, even after her massive success. She also explained that she likes to spend time connecting with her fans on social media because it makes her happy. "It would seem like such an act of extraordinary lack of graciousness not to respond to people who are cooking your own recipes," she explained. 

Lawson's decision to be more active on Twitter and Instagram has been a blessing for fans, who are looking for tips from the chef and want to talk to her about the art of cooking. The celebrity chef is also surprisingly upfront online. For example, Lawson recently posted a tweet about a condiment that she had been looking for without much success.

Nigella Lawson was searching for neonata

Lawson recently mentioned on Twitter that she had been "desperately" trying to locate an Italian chile condiment in the U.K. but was struggling to find it. Lots of fans stepped up with recommendations and the chef revealed that she eventually managed to order herself a jar online. What is this fascinating condiment that the expert cook had been looking for? According to Taste, it's a "spicy chile spread" called neonata that goes particularly well with toast, salads, and fish. The spread is prepared by using farmed fish that are "packed with salt and dried Calabrian chiles" for months and then mixed with olive oil. 

As per Saveur, the spread lasts for a year and is extremely versatile. You can use it for your homemade pizzas, and take comfort in the knowledge that the spread will never take over the rest of the flavors in the dish. In a thread on the best unusual condiments, a Redditor wrote that they're really fond of neonata. They said, "It's a condiment of baby anchovies and hot pepper from Puglia. I add it to avocado and make the most amazing guacamole." Sounds like a condiment worth trying.