Die-Hard Aldi Fans Need To Follow This Quirky Instagram Account

Watching beautiful sunsets has the potential to conjure up unforgettable memories or cheesy dating profile descriptions, but few can deny the feelings that this image evokes. According to Science Focus, humans evolved to appreciate the gorgeous scenery. Experts speculate that our early Homo Erectus ancestors associated the sight of a sunset with settling in safe at home for the night and escaping the threat of ancient predators. While we once may have associated the beauty of sunsets with safety, one Instagram account now has found a way to pair the majesty of this sight with the saving delights found at Aldi.

The Instagram account @aldisunsets has popped up, and showcases scenic views of the exterior of different Aldi locations during sunset, which bathes the stores in a mix of blues, purples, and reds. The account taps into fans' love of experiencing the store as the day ends, and even links to other regular corporate photos of exterior and interior shots of the store. While the account doesn't list who runs it, each Aldi sunset photo posted has a caption that thanks the individual who submitted the image. If this social media account can't rewire your brain to associate the colors and feelings of sunsets with Aldi, users over at Reddit have something that will help push you over the edge.

A fascination with Aldi sunsets

Over on Reddit, a fan of the chain posted a scenic photo of the sun setting over the outside of an Aldi, bathing the store in oranges and reds. Fans couldn't get enough of the aesthetic, leaving replies like, "Why do I immediately want to narrate in a National Geographic type fashion. 'Here we see Aldi in its natural habitat. Peaceful. Serene. Unaware of the mob that will descend upon its doors at 9am scrambling to snatch up this weeks Aldi Finds,'" and "Beautiful picture and wonderful store." If these jaw dropping depictions of Aldi can't get you in the mood to score some sales, nothing can.

If you count yourself as an ultimate Aldi fan and want to experience the store from a different perspective, make sure to check out this novelty Instagram account and see the chain in a way you might never have expected. With the right lighting, the grocery store might even stir some emotions and help you fall in love with the idea of sunsets again.