Why Some People Love Spicy Food And Others Hate It

When you want to torture some taste buds, you have some serious options at your disposal. According to Pepperhead, anyone looking to add some real heat into their meal needs to invest in Carolina Reapers, the spiciest pepper on the planet. If you want something that's milder but still doesn't pull punches, add some Trinidad Moruga Scorpion peppers or Seven Pot Primo peppers into your life.

If you can't believe how anyone can tolerate food that packs so much heat into such a small package, you're not alone. According to Thrillist, some eaters have no problem indulging in some spice thanks to the fact that they acquired an affinity to capsaicin over time.

Capsaicin, the chemical that triggers the feeling of spicy heat, eventually depletes neurotransmitters over time. This means that if you ate spicy food from a young age, you have dulled your body's ability to feel pain from spicy food, and have the ability to identify more fruity and earthy tastes locked away in each mouth-burning pepper. Some eaters that love a few extra Scoville units in their food didn't dull their neurotransmitters over time. Scientists also believe that the same personality type that seeks thrills and enjoys roller coasters also loves indulging in some spicy food for the rush. While some enjoy the rush a pepper can bring on, others go into this taste sensation for the serotonin boost.

Endorphins are involved, too

As strange as it sounds, spicy food has the capacity to make anyone who eats it feel a rush of happiness. According to Everyday Health, the moment our body recognizes the burning food as pain, the brain releases a rush of endorphins to combat the spice. This rush of pleasure easily wears off, especially as your tongue builds up a resistance to the chemicals that cause this specific type of pain. Over time, you might need hotter and hotter foods to trigger the endorphin response. This resistance to capsaicin found in many spicy food lovers ends up producing a ton of thrill-seekers ready to tackle hot wings challenges across the country to recapture this unique feeling. 

While it makes sense to avoid painful foods, anyone who loves an extra kick of heat in their dishes has a clear reason as to why they love these spicy specialties. Next time you want to push your boundaries, you can even train your tongue to handle hotter food (via Thrillist). Just make sure to start off indulging in banana peppers and poblano peppers and don't jump straight into the spiciest Carolina Reaper hot sauce you can find.