Here's What MasterChef Contestant Micah Yaroch Is Up To Now

As a show, "MasterChef" is quite the package — it has drama, entertainment, good food, talented participants, famous celebrity chefs, and much more. However, the series suffered a setback last year when it couldn't resume filming on account of the pandemic, according to Parade. Thankfully, fans still had the option to revisit old episodes from the show's exciting tenth season. 

These episodes were full of pleasant surprises, as aspiring chefs attempted to cook for several special occasions, such as planning the menu for a dreamy wedding reception. The team even got a chance to cook meals at judge Gordon Ramsay's London eatery, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. One of the lucky chefs that was a part of this season was Micah Yaroch, who was just 19 years old at the time and made it to the top 10 (via iHeart Radio). For Yaroch, this was the opportunity of a lifetime for the kitchen porter, who impressed the judges with his determination to succeed, per Reality TV Revisited

Sadly, he had to exit during episode 21 after he struggled to cook lamb and sea bass. His story was also rather moving, considering the fact that he didn't receive support from his family when he started working on his culinary dreams. On a special episode, Yaroch was the only chef who didn't have his family by his side as he cooked and witnessed fellow participants interacting with their family members (via Meaww).

Micah Yaroch is determined

The chef didn't let the obstacles he faced and his exit from "MasterChef" discourage him. As far as Yaroch is concerned, his journey has only just begun. As per Reality TV Revisited, he even had to overcome financial challenges after the show, as he faced the possibility of being evicted from his home and created a GoFundMe page. Thankfully, he received plenty of support from his fans and well-wishers. These days, as per his Instagram page, the chef is working hard to establish himself as a baker. 

In September 2020, Yaroch started a job at Field & Fire, where he's been working on mastering the art of baking bread. He shared the news with his excited fans and wrote, "Sooooo... I started a job where I get up @ 2a.m. everyday and bake bread! It's definitely a lifestyle switch but I'm happy to be learning the ancient craft of milling our own organic flours, forming dough from scratch and baking artesian loafs of so many breads."