The Surprising Reason Gas Station Food Is So Good, According To Andrew Zimmern

Veteran chef Andrew Zimmern is a master at his craft. According to his official website, Zimmern always knew that he was passionate about food. He chased his passion early on, hustling in New York City and working for several restaurants as he tried to hone his skills. In a few years, Zimmern managed to make a name for himself in the culinary space as a talented chef.

Additionally, Zimmern has often offered insightful information on the restaurant industry in the past. He told Mashed in an exclusive interview that indie restaurants need a lot more support from local diners. His advice to foodies is heartfelt, too. "I always believe in growing where you're planted," he advised. "Find the places that you love, the places that you eat out in, the places that you have relationships with, the places that make you feel good." He added that one of the best ways to showcase your support is by visiting these eateries often.

Also, Zimmern has interesting views on food items at gas stations and what makes them so appealing. He recently shared his insights on Twitter.

It's an interesting theory

A food critic from The New Yorker, Helen Rosner, recently tweeted about her theory on food items at gas stations. "Gas station chicken is better than any other fried chicken because all that time under the heat lamps sort of low-temp bakes and semi-dessicates everything," she explained. She further said that the result is delicious, savory, and crispy food. Basically, it's fried chicken that's really hard to resist. 

Zimmern whole-heartedly agreed with Rosner in a response. He also wrote that he's partial to Chester Fried Chicken items at gas stations and never misses a chance to grab some food whenever he spots a booth. Additionally, a Redditor has similar opinions about gas station food. "Gas stations have some of the best 'fast' food you'll ever have," they proclaimed. "There's a Valero in Tishomingo, OK that does chicken-fried steak fingers on Fridays." The commentator added that the food is so good that it's usually sold out by 1 p.m. Impressive much?