The Accidental Creation Of Drumstick Ice Cream

Perhaps the biggest, mess-inducing temptation that even the most strong-willed ice cream devotees of all ages have succumbed to is biting into the tantalizing tip of a Drumstick well before its time. And how could we not answer the call when that seductive, chocolate filling calls? We're mere mortals, after all!

It's hard to believe that this pinnacle of human engineering was not carefully designed in a lab that studied humans' innermost desires. In actuality, the Drumstick had a much more serendipitous start.

According to Foodbeast, in 1928, I.C. Parker was enjoying a vanilla ice cream cone in a candy factory when he needed to step out for urgent business. He handed the cone to a woman making chocolates — like she wasn't busy enough? — and she accidentally dropped the cone into a vat of chocolate. After the wayward cone was fished out of the vat, it was put onto a counter covered with peanuts. Parker was inspired by the tasty mistake, and the rest is Drumstick history.

Sometimes you have to call it like you see it

The Drumstick may have been invented by I.C. Parker, a former manager of a Ft. Worth, Texas candy company, who decided to make ice cream cones coated with chocolate and peanuts after one fortuitous cone fall, but his wife, Jewel, should get most of the credit when it comes to the treat's name. According to Nestlé, it was Jewel who thought the new ice cream concoction looked like a fried chicken leg, so I.C. decided to call it a Drumstick. 

Nestlé acquired Drumstick in 1991 (via Metro), and the brand now belongs to a joint venture, Froneri, owned by Nestlé and PAI Partners (via Reuters). For chocolate lovers, the Drumstick has gotten even better over the years. Sweet additions, like a chocolate lining inside the cone, as well as the chocolate nugget at the bottom have been added (via Nestlé). If you are as big a fan of the legendary chocolate nugget as we are, you might be excited to learn there is even a version called a "Super Nugget" with even more of that blissful, chocolatey ending. You can find this version in a variety pack at Target. No need to thank us — we're just doing our job.