You Probably Shouldn't Buy Costco's Ground Coffee. Here's Why

If you're planning a trip to Costco, then you're also probably planning a day to restock, rearrange, and reprioritize your pantry — that's just the name of the game. Like most warehouse stores, everything at Costco is sold in bulk, meaning that if you want to have it, you better make some room — and coffee's no different. Most Kirkland Signature ground coffee items are sold in 2.5 or 3lb varieties, meaning you'll have to clear some space for your caffeine addiction.

While it might make sense to grab a giant pack of toilet paper so you can skip last minute trips to the store, or to fill the freezer with endless grab-and-go meals for the whole family, Costco's coffee beans are another story.

Reviewers rave about the incredible cup of coffee they can make with Kirkland Signature ground coffee, and it makes sense — according to Crazy Coffee Krave, Costco offers both Starbucks-produced bags and 100% Colombian Supremo coffee. The Colombian blend is touted for its "unparalleled flavor," and Amazon reviewers agree. Some say that the finely ground coffee is "tasty" and "bold," which may be tempting enough to make you stock up. But bigger isn't always better, and three whole pounds of this flavorful Costco brew may not go as far as you'd think.

Buy in smaller batches for a better coffee

Better Be named Costco's ground coffee as one of their top picks to skip at the store, which may have you scratching your head, considering the glowing reviews. The website explains that while you might save some money buying in bulk, there's still a cost to be wary of: flavor.

According to Full Coffee Roast, the caffeine content will remain unaffected, no matter how much coffee you're purchasing. The main con here is that since the coffee is so finely ground, it's more exposed to the air, which will quickly degrade any flavor in the roast. Full Coffee Roast warns that this could happen in just a few hours — and with a few pounds of coffee to work your way through, you might be dumping your mug and swapping for Starbucks before you're halfway done with what's in the pantry. To avoid compromising on flavor, try bags of Costco's whole bean coffee instead, and grind your coffee fresh each morning.

As far as the ground coffee is concerned, you don't necessarily have to worry about your coffee going bad and making you sick, since the shelf life extends to about five months on most ground coffee (via Can It Go Bad). Saving money is a real selling point here, too, but some things are just too good to be true — if you want your morning brew just right, bulk pre-ground beans might not be the way to go.