A New York Egg Cream Isn't Made With The Ingredients You'd Think

It might be common knowledge that a root beer doesn't actually contain beer, but it's a different story for a New York egg cream. According to Imbibe Magazine, outside of Brooklyn and Lower East Side Manhattan, most may not know that the drink exists, let alone what it's made of. Though its name suggests it's some sort of egg or cream-based drink, a New York egg cream contains neither. The "New York" is the only part of its name that isn't a misnomer, as it was invented in New York — in a New York soda parlor to be exact. As for who came up with the concoction and gave it the name, the truth remains a mystery.

There are three running theories, all of which suggest that the original name got lost in translation. It could be that it was an attempt at recreating the Parisian drink "chocolat et crème," it could also be an American mispronunciation of the Yiddish "echt keem," which translates to "pure sweetness." Or, it could simply be "a cream" said in a thick Brooklyn accent.

A New York egg cream is a Brooklyn-style chocolate milk

Despite the mysterious origins of its name, however, the recipe for a classic New York egg cream hasn't changed since it started making rounds in soda parlors and candy shops during the 1800s. Insider explained that a New York egg cream is a combination of three basic ingredients: seltzer, milk, and chocolate syrup. When made correctly, it should taste somewhere in between a "fizzy chocolate milk" and an ice cream float. The key to the best consistency and flavor, Insider stated, is to use Fox's U-Bet chocolate syrup. 

Imbibe Magazine further elaborated that this local chocolate syrup brand is the ingredient that makes a New York egg cream so special. It contains the perfect balance of cocoa, water, sugar, corn syrup that apparently you can only get in Brooklyn. Pouring the seltzer takes some serious skill too, as Imbibe Magazine explained, the most important step is "hitting the spoon at just the right angle to produce a beautiful white head." Pair a New York egg cream with a tuna sandwich, and you'll get a taste of Brooklyn.