Here's How Much Daym Drops From Fresh, Fried & Crispy Is Really Worth

Daymon "Daym Drops" Patterson is riding high as his Netflix show, "Fresh, Fried & Crispy," premieres. The show follows the food lover as he tries fried food across America and meets the people that douse said morsels in brimstone. 

With "Fresh, Fried, & Crispy" crowning a near decade of IMDb listings, it is clear that Daym Drops has firmly established his personal brand. This feeling of success is bolstered by information relayed by and Net Worth Spot. Though their net worth estimates vary and differ by wide margins, both sites broadly agree that the likely worth of Daym Drops should hover around $500,000. In addition, from the YouTube videos alone, Drops earns an average of $3,450 per month which, while not a lot, presents a solid basis for other promotions and ventures to raise his lifestyle to a rather comfortable level. Potential revenue sources, as listed by iHeart Radio, include a food stand for Hartford, Connecticut's baseball team and commercials for Popeyes.

Before fame, Daym Drops recorded YouTube videos during lunch breaks

One day more than a decade ago, during his lunch break, the manager of a Conneticut-based Walmart, Daymon Patterson, went to Burger King and ordered some French toast sticks. Talking to NPR in 2013, he explained that he already had a habit of filming as he took these breaks: "I was like the news reporter for what was kind of going on in my backyard, I can say. And I would put those, you know, news reports up on YouTube." So, he naturally filmed himself eating these sticks.  

Fame had yet to come and it did not come then. Instead, he continued to film during his lunch breaks while earning the salary of a Walmart manager, which Indeed lists as an annual amount of $35,654. Instead, it was in 2012 when, according to the CT Post, he bit into his double bacon cheeseburger and Cajun fries from the Five Guys and repeatedly exclaimed "Damn!" As of this writing, this particularly enthusiastic review has obtained over 10 million views. And so, a path towards the possibility of hard won success opened.