How To Cool Soda And Beer Faster Than Ever

Picture this: it's 90 degrees outside, the smell of sunscreen hangs in the air, and a pool is calling your name. You run to grab a cool soda or beer when you realize you forgot to throw your six pack or few cans into the fridge the night before. Major bummer.

Let's be real, nothing is more gross than warm beer. And sure, you could pour your soda over ice, but it'll be watered down before you can finish drinking it. Still, think again before you assume your perfect summer afternoon is ruined. Luckily, this small hiccup doesn't mean you have to push your plans back several hours waiting for your drink to cool.

With warmer weather right around the corner, this one simple hack can take your lukewarm beverage to ice cold in a matter of minutes. Better yet, you probably already have all of the supplies needed lying around your house.

Use a wet paper towel to cool your drinks faster

All you need to cool your drinks quickly is a paper towel and your freezer. You'll get your paper towel wet — damp but not dripping — and wrap it around your bottle or can. Then, you pop it in the freezer and wait. And that's it! According to The Kitchn, this trick will cool your drinks in as little as 10-15 minutes.

If you're curious how this hack works, the science is actually quite simple. As Business Insider describes, when you put the damp paper towel into the freezer, the water from the towel quickly evaporates and freezes at the same time. Because the paper towel is wrapped around the bottle, it cools the contents faster than the surrounding freezer air could do alone.

Requiring very little patience, this trick will ensure all of your drinks are delectably cool this summer. So sit back and relax, because your refreshing beverage will be ready in no time, and we can all raise a cold one to that.