Here's What Scooby Snacks Taste Like In Real Life

Aside from being Shaggy's right-hand sidekick, Scooby-Doo does one thing exceptionally well — eating Scooby Snacks and making them look irresistible. Scooby may eat anything from pickle pizza to chocolate-covered hot dogs, but Scooby Snacks always have his heart — much like the Cookie Monster's obsession with cookies, Scooby goes gaga over these notorious treats. 

While it would be easy to assume the biscuits taste just as bland or gross to us humans as any other dog treat would, even Shaggy drools over them. As Movie Mistakes points out, in an early episode of "Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!" Shaggy even says, "Scooby Snacks won't work on me this time," which happened to be a rare occasion.

In fact, Scooby-Doo fans often attribute his and Shaggy's obsession to something a little "special" in these baked goods, but the legendary duo always keeps it PG on screen. Their hungry appetites always steer them alongside the mystery gang, solving cases left and right — as it turns out, Scooby Snacks aren't only a tasty treat, but also a proper bribing tool, too. But what do they actually taste like?

Are Scooby Snacks as tasty as Scooby makes them look?

According to one of the masterminds behind Scooby-Doo and the gang, William Hanna, the snacks are just as delicious as a cookie. Sideshow reveals that Hanna always envisioned Scooby Snacks as cookies with a caramel flavor. If that's the case, Shaggy's intake makes a bit more sense. Although, in one of the Scooby-Doo movies, Shaggy reveals that the treats can be made with eggs, water, flour, cocoa, sugar, and last but not least, dog kibble. Diehard fans, also known as Scooby Addicts, also concocted a recipe including the addition of butter, vanilla, baking powder, and coconut. Thankfully the dog kibble was left out of that recipe.

With decades of cult followers, it was only a matter of time before real Scooby Snacks hit the stores as well. Keebler Company came out with Scooby-Doo branded graham cracker sticks in recent years that brought Scooby Snacks to life — their take resembles dog treats even more than they do in the show, shaped like a bone with Scooby's name etched into each one. But, despite the appearance, they are for humans. Team Treatz didn't want to leave the dogs out either and created Scooby Dental Dog Treats for all the pups out there that have been dreaming of having their very own Scooby Snack to chew on.