The Surprising Reason One Brewery Is Using Goose Poop In Its Beer

Let's get one thing out of the way: there's nothing quite like a glass of cold beer in this world. And believe it or not, breweries have never been hesitant to take things a step further and experiment with all kinds of ingredients in their drinks. As explained by Food & Wine, the most unusual things have been used in beers in the last few years. Some examples to keep in mind include whale vomit, pepper spray, fried chicken, and more. Whew!

Now, a Finnish brewery called Ant Brew has come up with a line of beers that has the most interesting name: Wasted Potential. A truly striking ingredient in one of its drinks? Well, goose droppings. No kidding. This Imperial Stout really does contain goose poop (and yes, it's perfectly safe).

The company has a pretty solid reason for experimenting with this line of beers. Ant Brew calls the city of Lahti, Finland home, and Lahti just became the European Green Capital this year (via EGCA). By developing a truly green beer, the company is hoping to set a good example for its peers in the industry.

The goose poop beer sources from local parks

As illustrated by Food & Wine, Ant Brew's initiative is a conscious choice for the company that hopes to do its bit for the environment. A part of the statement from Ant Brew reads, "The poop is used in a food-safe way to smoke malt to create a unique stout beer." To get this star ingredient, the team works hard by visiting local parks to collect droppings from geese. This way, they're able to help keep the parks clean while they're at it.

And yes, Ant Brew is really rooting for many more conversations about ways to safeguard the environment and make a direct impact. Kari Puttonen from Ant Brew said, "This series of beers is our way to create important discussions about food waste, utilization of waste, urban farming, and local and wild food among beer enthusiasts." Other ingredients used in the Wasted Potential line include food waste as well as herbs. What a move, eh?