Why You Shouldn't Skip The Soaking Step When Making Cornbread

Cornbread is one of those dishes that is extremely comforting for many. According to Sean Brock from the Husk restaurant in South Carolina, great cornbread is one of the most loved treats that is a staple in Southern kitchens (via the New York Times). When done right, cornbread can even be pan-toasted with a bit of bacon fat to spruce up other dishes such as poached eggs. 

What's amazing about cornbread is that it can be sweet or savory, depending on your preferences, which makes it a perfect side dish to any meal. If you want the flavor to be even richer, butter is an essential ingredient to this crumbly snack. Another tip worth noting is that a cast iron skillet can make the cooking process much easier and really gives cornbread its crunchy, irresistible texture. However, the most important step that will give you much better results, is soaking your cornmeal.

This technique will improve your cornbread's texture

Cornbread can become a lot more tender when you soak cornmeal in buttermilk for several hours. And if you're not in a rush, go ahead and soak it overnight, which will create moist and delicious cornbread. All you need to do is set aside eight hours to soak a combination of whole wheat flour and cornmeal in yogurt before preparing cornbread. The results will be worth it especially if you want cornbread that's just the right mix of firm and tender. 

Another tip? Use sour cream for moist cornbread if you're craving something different. As a Redditor writes, "[My] friend makes a cornbread with sour cream and uses minced jalapeno and grated cheddar to not taste sweet. This Canadian really likes it." Another user agreed writing, "I've been adding a quarter cup of sour cream for years and it's amazing!" Sounds like the perfect weekend treat to us.