Here's Another Reason Not To Throw Away Orange Peels

Oranges and other citrus fruits, such as tangerines, clementines, and blood oranges, are a great go-to snack because they are portable and easy to travel with, thanks to their protective peel. Unlike the soft outsides of bananas or other fruits that bruise too easily.

These delicious citrus picks are often eaten in slices or squeezed for fresh juice, and the peels are naturally tossed into the compost bin or trash can. Although orange peels are ideal for the compost because the nutrients are converted into food for your plants, the skins are actually fully edible and can be another way to enjoy these sweet and tangy fruit jewels. Try them in the form of candied peels once and you'll never go back.

If you're the type of person that likes using the entire fruit and ensuring nothing goes to waste, you might like to know there´s another way to use citrus peels that comes in handy around the house.

Make a vinegar-infused orange peel cleaner

Here's a useful tip — you can make a DIY house cleaner using various ingredients you probably already have on hand and tossing in those leftover orange peels. According to an article in The Kitchn, the best way is to do so is to fill a glass jar, such as a Mason jar, with cut up orange or citrus peels and then add distilled vinegar so the liquid is covering all the solid material before putting the lid on. 

You'll then want to store the jar in a dark, dry area, such as a cupboard or pantry, for a couple weeks to let it macerate. Once it's ready, remove the peels and mix equal parts water with the remaining infused vinegar and put it into a spray bottle. When it comes time to do the chore of cleaning different areas of your house, use this mixture. The vinegar will kill germs while the citrus infusion neutralizes any unpleasant smells and adds a fragrant scent that smells so fresh and clean.