The Real Reason Bobby Flay Feels He Was Born In The Wrong Generation

Celebrity chef Bobby Flay is a culinary legend. He always makes a point to be mindful of the way he conducts himself in a restaurant setting as well as on television. Per Food & Wine, Flay has a good explanation for this. Flay said, "What I do in the restaurants and what I do on television are very different. When I'm in the restaurant and I'm in my chef's whites, it's all about the particular cuisine of the restaurant. When I'm on television, I think that I appeal to the everyday guy, 'cause that's who I am."

He added that, for him, being a television personality is particularly rewarding because his work allows him to inspire others to cook new dishes. He explained, "I love that you're able to reach lots of people and teach, whether it's a small little tip or a full meal or somewhere in the middle."

Flay also has certain quirks that make him different. For example, he does not feel like he belongs in the current era. Per The Daily Aztec, Flay is a lot more inspired by the past. 

Bobby Flay doesn't feel like he belongs here

According to The Daily Aztec, Bobby Flay is particularly attracted to the 1940s and 1950s. He loved what New York City was like back in those days and thinks that he would have been happier in that setting. He loves it all: from supper clubs to classic outfits. Flay mentioned in a podcast with his daughter that he believes he would fit right in without any effort. He said, "I like wearing really classic beautiful clothing if I can and I have to make excuses to find experiences to do it."

In fact, Flay feels strongly about being dressed a certain way when eating a meal at a fine dining eatery. He thinks that clothes complement the overall experience. At the same time, Flay isn't rigid about implementing dress codes at his restaurants. He said, "Do I want people just wearing tank tops, shorts and flip-flops to my restaurants? I probably don't. Would I ask them to kindly leave? I don't think I would."