This Was The Hardest Part Of Iron Chef, According To Marc Forgione

Chef Marc Forgione managed to impress many by demonstrating his exemplary culinary talent on the third season of "The Next Iron Chef." According to his official website, the chef has been honing his culinary skills since he was 16 years old. He was lucky to get insider access to the restaurant industry through his dad's eatery, An American Place. Forgione also worked with many experienced chefs early in his career such as Kazuto Matsusaka, Patricia Yeo, Laurent Tourondel, and more.

For Forgione, proving his mettle has meant taking on various challenges, such as being a part of a show as competitive and popular as "The Next Iron Chef." Forgione told the Food Network that he didn't expect the competition to be so difficult. 

"I'll be 100 percent honest: I didn't think it was going to be as hard as it was," he said. "Not to say I went in thinking it was going to be easy, but I kind of went in there thinking, you know, you do what you do, you see what happens." Winning the show was, of course, a huge deal for Forgione, who battled scores of difficult culinary challenges to bag the title.

He had to confront his accent

When Marc Forgione took a look at the episodes from "The Next Iron Chef," he was taken aback when he heard himself speak on television. His accent took him by surprise, he told Food Network. He recalled, "The first time I watched it, I turned to whoever was standing next to me and asked, 'I sound like this?'" This was a tough moment for the chef to watch because it was something that he had not noticed until that point.

He explained that he has lived in different places like Long Island, Massachusetts, and France and couldn't help but be influenced by what he heard around him. He also stayed with someone from Scotland and picked up a bit from that experience as well. "Put all those together and this is what you get," he said.

The chef also fondly remembered one of his best dishes from the competition: deep-fried root beer. He loved how much appreciation it received. He admitted, "I'd never done anything like that nor do I think I ever really will."