This Viral TikTok Hack Will Change The Way You Butter Movie Theater Popcorn

Movie theaters are officially opening up again, which means good snacks and good entertainment (plus air conditioning in the hot weather). If you are sick of that microwave popcorn, get ready for some delicious movie theater popcorn. Somehow, this kind of popcorn just hits differently. We don't know about you guys, but eating the entire container of popcorn without realizing it is one of our favorite pastimes. 

Yet, when you get to the bottom of the bucket, the snack loses its sweet taste of butter. And, let's be real, who likes bland popcorn? Well, this TikTok user, @colleenlepp, has the solution for you. Colleen recently posted a video that went viral showing the ingenious movie theater hack that has us running to buy tickets. She explained that her aunt taught her that using a straw for the butter will help it get to the bottom of the container. Mind Blown.

This is how to get the butter to spread out evenly

The trick is to stick a straw in the middle of the popcorn tub, line it up with the butter dispenser, and let the butter soak through from the bottom up. The post has clearly resonated with fans, who have viewed the video 5 million times and left nearly 3,000 comments. Some viewers are saying they are already doing this, while other users say there are different hacks to get the perfect popcorn.

One TikTok user claimed, "When I order my popcorn I ask them to layer it with butter. They put a few scoops in and layer with butter. It's way easier." Another commented that they were concerned that the popcorn would get soggy with this method, but Colleen explained that moving the straw up and down avoids this problem. Not sure what everyone's plans are this weekend, but we know where we'll be going.