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The Real Reason People Love Valentina Hot Sauce

If you're a heat head like us, you've lined the nooks and crannies of your pantry and refrigerator with a variety of hot sauces, ranging from your basic, vinegar-based Crystal to trendy Sriracha to four million Scoville ranking Magma. Well maybe not that last one, but we can dream! From shaking it atop our eggs at breakfast to dribbling it into a burrito at lunch to folding it into a marinade before dinner, we just can't get enough of hot sauce.

One standby brand that is always a go-to is Valentina, a "Mexican hot sauce" produced in Guadalajara that's beloved both in its home country and abroad. It's a thicker, not-too-spicy sauce made from just chilis, vinegar, and salt, and as such, Valentina is an all-purpose hot sauce many people just can't get enough of. All across the internet, fans sing the praises of Valentina time and again. And there's a couple good reasons why people love it so much.

Valentina's price is right and the quality is high

There seems to be two major reasons why people love Valentina hot sauce so much. Number one, the price is very affordable; and number two, the quality is great. At Walmart, for example, a giant 34-ounce bottle of Valentina retails for less than $2. That low price, plus Valentina's big flavor, have inspired, well, heated discussions across the 'net.

Over on Reddit, the Hot Ones board — a discussion forum for fans of the truTV game show of the same name in which celebrity guests eat very hot buffalo wings alongside host Sean Evans — there's a thread all about Valentina. It's titled, "For only 99 cents, this Valentina is one of the best cheap sauces that has been used on the show. Even the original flavor is really good too," and it pretty much sums up why hot sauce fans enjoy this brand so much.

As one person comments, "My everyday go-to sauce. ...Not too hot. Not too mild. Just a good cheap sauce."

Another fan chimes in, "I have like three large bottles in my house lol, it's in my Mexican blood."

Amazon reviews have been just as positive. "I have had Frank's, Cholula, Tapatio, Sriracha, that vinegar Louisiana sauce — Valentina beats them all, with one hand tied down," says one uber fan.

So there you have it: Diners across the world love Valentina. And we do, too.