The Simple Ice Pop Hack You Should Know

There are some foods that just have a certain nostalgia to them, like those twist-off Kool-Aid Bursts that take us back to summer days in the backyard, or s'mores roasted over a fire. Included on that list are most likely freeze pops, the popsicles that made an appearance at every field day throughout elementary and middle school. The popularity of these has continued on well into adulthood for many of us, and for good reason — they're cheap, delicious, and make for an awesome cooling-off snack. 

However, one thing that can sometimes be frustrating is opening them, especially if they're frozen. Cutting through the frozen juice can be difficult and you usually have to wash the scissors afterwards, which is slightly irritating, especially when you just want a quick snack. Fortunately, a Reddit user thought of a creative and quick hack to make opening freeze pops a little easier, and honestly, we can't believe we didn't think of it sooner.

Cutting a slit in the wrapper makes it less messy

The Reddit user recommended cutting a slit in the side of the freeze pop wrapper with scissors rather than cutting off the entire top. You then tear the slit to open the whole top and this way you won't get the scissors sticky and have to wash them. Such a simple fix for a simple issue, but we're here for it. It might not be the most revolutionary food hack we've ever seen, but sometimes even small and simple solutions that we hadn't thought of before are helpful to know. 

It's certainly better than having to wash the scissors, or worse, using your teeth. You can also use a sharp knife to make the slit if you prefer, the point is just not to dirty any utensils in the attempt to access your delicious frozen popsicle. Next time you're cracking open a box of these bad boys, remember this hack and save yourself the mildly tedious task of washing a pair of scissors.