The Type Of Cookie Recommended By This Nutritionist Probably Won't Surprise You

Following a healthy diet is important for keeping our bodies in tip-top shape, but that doesn't mean having to ditch your favorite foods for the rest of your life. Sure, fruits and veggies are more nutritious snack options, but it's perfectly okay to grab a bag of chips every once in a while as well. Balance is the key to a healthy eating plan, meaning you can still enjoy higher-calorie foods, so long as it's done in moderation. However, that's not to say we can't make some better choices when it comes to indulging in the food and drinks that are often considered bad for us. 

Chicken wings, for example, can be a great protein filled snack if you skip the breading on them, while happy hour can be made a little healthier with tequila-based cocktails. Pizza can be chock-full of nutrients too, so long as you swap the extra cheese for a variety of veggies, meaning that Pizza Hut wasn't too far off when it tried to convince us in 1977 that the meal was actually good for us. We didn't forget about the dessert fiends, either, as one nutritionist explained to Delish that there is a specific type of cookie out there that can quell your sweet tooth with the added bonus of having some major health benefits.

Go for an oatmeal cookie when your sweet tooth starts calling

People often turn their noses up at the idea of indulging in an oatmeal cookie for dessert, but according to personal trainer and nutritionist Jamie Hickey, these bad boys are an excellent choice for when you're craving something sugary after a meal. "I would recommend making homemade oatmeal cookies with raw oats, and nuts," the Truism Fitness founder explained to Delish, which will yield a sweet treat that is high in fiber, protein, and healthy fats.

Oatmeal cookies are also usually lower in calorie count compared to other traditional varieties such as sugar, chocolate chip, or peanut butter, not to mention they are quite versatile. Raisins or other dried fruits can be added into the mix to further increase the health benefits of this snack, though these particular mix-ins are also one of the reasons that oatmeal cookies have gotten a bad rep over the years. If these ingredients aren't up your alley, try swapping them out for antioxidant-rich dark chocolate or throwing in some peanut butter for additional flavor and protein. Keep in mind, however, that despite their added nutrition, oatmeal cookies are still cookies, and therefore should still be enjoyed in moderation.