The Real Reason Lefse Is So Stressful For Molly Yeh

Renowned chef and TV personality Molly Yeh is a woman who's not afraid to challenge herself in the kitchen. The experienced chef doesn't shy away from exploring new cuisines and pushing herself. According to the Delish, the "Girl Meets Farm" star achieved immense popularity after she came up with a unique recipe for her cooking blog back in 2013. What was the dish? A pretzel challah, inspired by Yeh's ancestral roots. 

Yeh is part Jewish and part Chinese and often uses that as inspiration for her dishes, preparing unique meals or unusual twists on classic fare. She also makes an effort to dive into different cultures and knows that preparing a dish like lefse (flatbread from Norway popular in the Midwest) is no easy task. As per Salon, Yeh thinks that getting the exact flavors of a lefse right is difficult if you're not familiar with it and haven't been practicing for years.

Yeh thinks it can be pretty tough

Well, as per Salon, Molly Yeh believes that cooking lefse properly takes a lot of practice and dedication. It's not everybody's cup of tea. She wrote in her book "Molly on the Range" that you've got to be prepared to embark on a rollercoaster ride when you're cooking lefse. Yeh said, "Making lefse, if it's not in your blood, takes time, practice, online tutorial videos, emergency trips to the store for a new skillet, frantic calls to your great-aunt-in-law Ethel, and a long wooden stick."

A major takeaway for the chef has been the realization that a unique dish like lefse has a lot to do with teamwork and requires you to work with others who can help you get the dish right.

A big fan of the Scandinavian dish took to Reddit to say that "Lefse is the best thing on the planet. You can use it like a tortilla, but it's most commonly served with butter and a sprinkle of sugar and/or cinnamon." Considering Yeh's love for sprinkles has been well-documented, we can only assume her lefse was worth the effort.