The Weird Way People Are Using Aldi's Pie Crust

Aldi's wide array of products has long inspired creativity, and now the new Aldi muse is their pre-made pie crust. You can find Bakehouse Pie Crust at your local Aldi. The item featuring 15 oz of pre-made crust in two portions (via Aldi). Prices are listed as varying by store, but if we know anything about Aldi, the final amount will be affordable. Using these ready-made crusts at a great price has allowed Aldi shoppers, specifically those from the Aldi Nerd Facebook group, to expand and test their creative skills with beautifully complex and surrealistically strange designs — and we are loving this fun with food.

Chelsea Torske shared a pie closer to a work of art, with lattice, layered flowers, and a soaring dragon (via Facebook). Torske said, "I love Aldi pie crust! Saves so much time when I decide to be creative! This design used 2 boxes of pie crust and 2 cans of Aldi pie filling. Yum [tasty emoji]". Fans were clearly wowed by her skills, and inspired by the ease and cost of the ingredients. Fan MaryAnn Fernandez joked, "Beautiful, but what aisle do I find the design in?"

And while home bakers like Torske are shooting for fun fantasy, others, like Susan Perazzini tried a different strategy.

Pie crust, or crusts of the imagination?

No, this isn't an image from CreepyPasta or a Salvador Dali throwback, although this pie would be in good company with those styles. Susan Perazzini wanted to try something fun and spooky to amuse her teenage son in what she calls a "a mad mind meandering" (via Today). Because her son is the captain of his high school wrestling team, this mother was used to him coming home with puffy bruises and black eyes — and that's what ultimately inspired her chicken pot pie theme. 

Describing the process she says, "I took the top layer of the dough and tore a hole right about were the swollen eyeball was and I started to peel off pieces of dough and shape them into an eye and lips." Perazzini added, "I used an olive for the eyeball and then I stepped up the crazy by mixing the egg wash with a little food dye."

These creative pies are only the beginning, as these pie crusts allow kitchen experimentation at all levels. Cruising this Aldi fan site you'll also find items like a creamy chicken pie with a heart in it's homemade center or a disassembled casserole with pie crust sticks for fun eating. One fan built a "spooky pie" with haunted house and graveyard included and another shared the most adorable Pokémon themed Squirtle pie that's almost too cute to eat.

We simply cannot wait to see what fans come up with next!