Starbucks Employees Are Loving This Hilarious Drink Special

Starbucks is known for their specialty flavored drinks and refreshers, and while customers keep coming back because they love their Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccinos and Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade Refreshers, some of the more involved specialty coffee orders can certainly be a lot of work to prepare. Recently, some Starbucks baristas decided to have a little fun at work by coming up with a new drink special, dubbed the Aqua Latte or Ghost Refresher, that they wouldn't mind having to make. A Reddit user made a post calling it the "managers favorite." The aqua latte is vegan, gluten-free, calorie-free, and completely cost free at all Starbucks locations. The beverage is so good that customers simply can't live without it — because the new "latte" is really just a cup of cold, refreshing iced water.

Many Starbucks baristas were quick to respond to the post with their appreciation for the "new" special beverage. "Ghost refresher is now my new go to when customers ask me what's good here. Lmao I love it," a fellow Starbucks employee replied. "Gluten free! LMAO you guys are savages, this is amazing," another Reddit user agreed. "Ahh yes, my favorite 'surprise me' drink," posted a customer.

Starbucks baristas love the "Aqua Latte"

Other Reddit users chimed in with jokes of their own, with one writing, "No thanks for me. I heard this drink is full of dihydrogen monoxide." However some people could definitely see the benefit of ordering this menu item, all kidding aside. "Starbucks has the best water, hands down!" one user replied, while another user pointed out that it has "0 calories." A different Redditor agreed, adding, "Fr Starbs has the best aqua lattes around. Something about their filter just makes the water- er, latte – taste so damned good." 

So, while it may have started out as a joke, it seems this manager may actually be onto something. Some baristas even reported that a few of their customers already order customized water with fruit pieces of cold foam additions, so there may already be a market for this new specialty beverage. Not to mention, it is always a good idea to stay hydrated, so you might want to give their new Aqua Latte a try on your next Starbucks visit.