The Olive Oil Jessica Alba Swears By

If you're picky about olive oil, you have something in common with Jessica Alba. As the founder of The Honest Company, Alba doesn't mess around when it comes to anything and everything related to wellness and everyday living. When she can't find a product she's happy with, she just creates it on her own — that's precisely how The Honest Company started.

As for olive oil, Alba fortunately hasn't had to create an Honest version, and that's because she's found one that checks off all the boxes. Her favorite brand, as she shared with Well and Good, comes from a California-based olive oil company called Brightland. Alba was first drawn to Brightland olive oil due to its chic packaging and the fact that it's female-founded, like her own company, but eventually fell in love with its pure, high-quality flavor. Brightland olive oil is apparently so good that she's always gifting bottles of the stuff to her foodie friends, as she mentioned in her interview with Well and Good.

Jessica Alba avoids bitter olive oil

According to the Olive Oil Source, olive oil can often have a bitter flavor. This is dependent on which olives were used, how they were extracted, and the polyphenols in the oil. Bitterness is by no means an indicator of bad olive oil, however, if you find the flavor unpleasant, you'll want to give Jessica Alba's favorite a try, because its lack of bitterness is one of the defining traits of Brightland olive oil. "The products are made in Napa in small batches, taste amazing and never bitter," Alba told Well and Good.

Olive oil that isn't bitter might not seem like a big deal, but it's actually hard to come by. When consulting several professional chefs on how to find non-bitter olive oil, Serious Eats reported, "the most common answer was to avoid using olive oil completely or use a blend of olive oil and some other neutral-tasting oil like grapeseed or canola." The better option, as it seems, is to just grab a bottle of Brightland's Jessica Alba-approved olive oil instead.