What Wolfgang Puck Hopes Kids Will Learn From His Disney+ Special - Exclusive

Wolfgang Puck is easily one of the world's most recognizable chefs, thanks to his illustrious career and a fan base that includes some of Hollywood's biggest celebrities; but his journey to create what we now know as the celebrity chef was far from intended. In his new Disney+ special, "Wolfgang," the audience learns far more about his personal life than ever before, including what it took for Puck to reach those culinary heights. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, the chef explained why sharing his story was so important and what he hopes kids especially will take away from the documentary.

Puck said, "I really think David did such a great story on showing really me as a young person, where you can imagine what it was like as a young person when you watched the movie — maybe easier for me — but I think also for the audience out there, they're going to say, 'Okay, I can see where Wolfgang came from, what he did, how he got there.' And I think that's really an important part for me." While sharing his humble beginnings was important, there's more to Puck's life story he wishes to impart.

The lessons Wolfgang Puck wants viewers to understand

Wolfgang Puck particularly wants to be a role model, an inspiration, and — most importantly — an example for kids to look up to. He said, "hopefully I inspire some young kids out there who would never think of going into the profession of cooking. Hopefully, I inspire them to say, 'You know what? I can make it and I can be, I can become the next Wolfgang.'" Though he'd like kids to see how becoming a chef can be a rewarding career, he hopes they'll take some other lessons from the documentary too.

Puck did not achieve his status in the culinary world, and start the Michelin-starred restaurant Spago (via Eater), by simply plugging away. In the documentary, viewers learn just how curious and driven he was to learn more with every step. "I think perseverance is an important thing," the acclaimed chef said. That's why Puck's work ethic is so clearly presented in the Disney+ documentary. Puck shared, "following your dream is really an important thing. And shoot high. Don't shoot like you want to be the chef in a country club ... shoot like you want to do your own restaurant. You want to create something different. I think that's really an important part to convey to young people." Don't be afraid to really go after what you love, because for many (like Puck), those ambitions have turned into incredible success and happiness.

Get inspired by the new documentary, "Wolfgang," streaming on Disney+ beginning June 25.