Costco Fans Are Calling This S'more Snack Mix Dangerous

Costco just added a product to its shelves that is undoubtedly going to level-up your summer this year. It's no secret that some sweet treats are ideal for the warmer months like watermelon, popsicles and, of course, s'mores. But this new item at the grocery chain is taking the need for a roaring fire away, so you can enjoy s'mores anytime you want.

Instagrammer @costcobuys, recently shared that the latest must-have treat to hit the big box store is Fannie May S'mores Snack Mix. Within a day, the photo of the snack bag received more than 3,200 likes. The caption read, "One of my favs is back! I just love this S'mores Snack mix! Grab it for $9.69. I swear I can eat like half the bag in one sitting...these are dangerously good!" But if that isn't enough to tempt you, you should know that the s'mores mix is made up of "crunchy grahams and fluffy marshmallows coated in milk chocolate" (via Fannie May). That certainly sounds dangerously good.

This is what fans are saying about Costco's new s'mores

One thing that's worth noting is that these snack bites are not all of the components of a s'more in one bite. The marshmallows and graham crackers are separately covered in milk chocolate (via Fannie May). So, chocolate fans should definitely be happy because there's plenty of the good stuff. Costco shoppers and fans of the Fannie May mix were quick to chime in on @costcobuys post too. 

One person simply said, "it's so good," and honestly, it seems like that might be underselling this particular s'mores snack mix. Someone else wrote, "I bought a bag on Saturday. It's gone." That's less than a three day turn around, so it might be worth picking up more than one bag. Another user commented, "This bag doesn't last 5 minutes! Not allowed in the house no more." Finally, another added, "These are my faves!!!!!! the kids love." You clearly won't want to wait to try this delicious sweet treat because they will likely go fast.