People Are Loving Stephen Colbert's Hilarious Response To Mayor Bill De Blasio's Pizza Choices

Americans have very strong opinions about what they like on their pizza. According to PMQ Pizza Magazine, it's nearly unanimous that most people across the country overwhelmingly can't stand anchovies on pizza, and to a lesser extent, avoid eggplant, artichokes, pineapple, and broccoli as well when selecting toppings for their ideal pie. Leave it to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to raise eyebrows with another unconventional pairing that has probably won him no new supporters in the city's currently heated mayoral race.

In an effort to help explain how to fill in the ballot for the upcoming vote, de Blasio posted a video ranking pizza toppings like voters might rank mayoral candidates (via Daily News). De Blasio ranked green peppers as his number-one topping, saying, "a lot of people don't appreciate green peppers enough." His second choice of topping raised even more eyebrows. "This one's a little controversial," he admitted, pitting olives as his number-two go-to. "Usually it's black olives. Could be green olives. Some people think olives belong on a pizza. Some people are really against it, but I have had really good experiences with olives." 

After the bizarre video got a good number of views, Stephen Colbert of course had to chime in on his late-night show and had just one thing to say (which the rest of us were also thinking): "To recap, don't order pizza with Bill de Blasio."

De Blasio's pizza preferences could be worse

Over on The Late Show's Twitter page, fans continued talking about de Blasio's video, one chiming in with, "Still not as bad as doing yoga in sneakers while networking with people doing business with the city on a blackberry," in reference to another publicity stunt by the mayor (as seen on NY Daily News).

But, out of all the available choices of toppings to put on your pizza, we don't think de Blasio had the worst picks — some other strange options could have included clams and pineapple. So while his picks may have been unpopular, he definitely could have gone even weirder if he wanted.

Regardless of the toppings, the video demonstration did help clear up some confusion about the mayoral ballot and hopefully made the city's latest election run that much smoother — though in the same video, Colbert mentioned it could be until mid-July when a winner is named.