This Pop-Tart Pancake Has TikTok Excited

Once again, TikTok has proven itself the pinnacle of culinary innovation. This weekend, TikToker MaddisonsKitchen turned yet another one of America's favorite snacks into a pancake (via TikTok). The TikTok account is known for "pancaking" various foods, like Oreos, chocolate chip cookies, pickles, bacon, and bananas, with some videos picking up over one million views. The new video in question, which has amassed more than 3 million views so far, makes a pancake out of every kid's favorite breakfast treat: the Pop-Tart.

In the video, Maddisonskitchen dunks a blueberry Pop-Tart in pancake batter, fries it up on a skillet, sprinkles it with powdered sugar, and drizzles some kind of sugary sauce on top. At the end of the video, they tear the Pop-Tart pancake in half to reveal its gooey, sugary center. All of this to the tune of Destiny Child's "Bills, Bills, Bills," and we've got the makings of a viral video on our hands.

It's all about the Pop-Tart flavor

Needless to say, the TikTok universe went wild. The post has gotten thousands of comments, with viewers insisting they're going to try out the recipe for themselves. But for all the hype this recipe is getting, it seems TikTokers are united on one very specific complaint: the Pop-Tart flavor.

Any Pop-Tart lover will tell you that when it comes to flavors, there's a clear hierarchy. The Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Cookies & Cream, and S'mores flavors typically rank among the top three, while the berry flavors sit further down on the list. The Pop-Tart flavor used in the video in question? Frosted Blueberry. And while many a Pop-Tart aficionado may praise the blueberry Pop-Tart for its simple, sweet but tart flavor, when it comes to pancaking a Pop-Tart, TikTokers questioned the choice.

"You used the worst pop tart," one user commented on TikTok. Another wrote, "I know that is not blueberry" with a frowning emoji. But ultimately, despite the sugar content and the type of Pop-Tart used, TikTok seemed overwhelmingly excited about the new Pop-Tart-pancake fusion.

And who wouldn't want to try it? Eating a Pop-Tart pancake in your pajamas is akin to ordering a deep-fried stick of butter at a state fair — it's a one-time phenomenon, a special event that deserves your time and enthusiasm. We just hope that as long as you choose the right flavor, the sweet, sweet treat is worth the pain.