This Ingredient Will 'Change Your Food Game,' According To Andrew Zimmern

Fans of Andrew Zimmern, host of Travel Channel's "Bizarre Foods," know that the man has a passion for grub: his zeal is so strong that he'll happily try pretty much anything that's considered edible, from coconut tree grubs to fermented shark meat to horse sausage encased in the animal's rectum.

A person this psyched on food clearly has very strong opinions on what he eats. And funnily enough, one of the foods Zimmern has discussed the most — in his YouTube videos as well as on Twitter and Instagram — isn't anything exotic like horse innards or rotten flesh. It's actually just seasoned breadcrumbs. Yes, you read that right: seasoned breadcrumbs. has previously reported on Zimmern's enthusiasm for this ingredient, which he considers a cooking staple that he likes to perfect. In an episode of his YouTube show "Andrew Zimmern Cooks," he explains that "I don't buy seasoned ones because I like to do seasonings on my own."

As it turns out, that wasn't Zimmern's last word on seasoned breadcrumbs. In a whole new round of social media offerings, the television host sings the praises of this ingredient yet again. 

Andrew Zimmern sure loves breadcrumbs

The former "Bizarre Foods" host recently released a new episode of his YouTube show "Andrew Zimmern Cooks" that's completely devoted to this ingredient. During the segment, of course called "Seasoned Bread Crumbs," Zimmern explains that this staple "absolutely changes your food game."

In a Tweet supporting the episode release, the television host further states it's "a must-have staple for every kitchen ... these savory, zesty little bread crumbs will transform any dish to a delicious delicacy." (A recent Instagram post alludes to the same.)

In the video, Zimmern demonstrates his preferred recipe, cubing stale slices of Italian bread and blitzing them in the food processor with fresh garlic, chile flakes, lemon zest, fresh parsley, basil leaves, and a little bit of olive oil. He then transfers the crumbs to a baking sheet, seasons them with salt, and toasts them in a 325 degree oven for about 20 minutes, until they're golden brown and crispy. 

Zimmern then uses the breadcrumbs to add a textural component to a bowl of broccoli rabe pasta. On his social media posts, he also mentions that the 'crumbs would also be a nice addition to a summer salad. So there you have it: Seasoned breadcrumbs are simply the best, and it's time to whip some up at home.