Vaccinated Chipotle Fans Wont Want To Miss This BOGO Deal

If increased immunity from COVID-19 can't get you motivated to get vaccinated, the slew of deals that companies and local governments have come up with to get you jabbed could make anyone excited to get their shots. Krispy Kreme has given away free donuts to fully vaccinated individuals, states like Maryland and West Virginia have issued $100 savings bonds to anyone who received all their shots, and Ohio even opened up a cash lottery for anyone to play, as long as they've received at least one vaccine dose (via US News and World Report). The deals don't just stop there — companies are continuing to roll out incentives, and the latest one will surely get any Tex-Mex fan ready to book their vaccination appointment.

According to MSN, Chipotle has a BOGO deal for anyone who has received all their shots. Both you and your vaccinated friend can show up to any Chipotle location on July 6 after 3 p.m. to get a free entree with the purchase of a full-priced entree. This deal comes on the heels of other promotions the fast-casual burrito empire has rolled out over the course of the pandemic.

Supporting a healthy America

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, Chipotle have gone above and beyond to support healthcare efforts. According to Fox, Chipotle gave away 250,000 burritos to healthcare workers across the country back in April to show their support and appreciation for everything this group of workers has done to help those affected by COVID-19. The chain also opened up a "Wall of Gratitude" on their social media accounts to publicly give thanks to individual healthcare professionals who helped keep America as safe and healthy as possible.

With a track record like this, you know Chipotle can deliver when it comes to getting the U.S. up and running again. If you haven't gotten your final shot, make sure to get it scheduled soon so you can take advantage of this tasty deal. After all, the only thing better than enjoying a Chipotle burrito is getting to share a free one with a friend. Make sure to mark your calendars and get a move on soon, because you definitely don't want to get left behind on this special BOGO.