Why Garum Could Be The Next Instagram Foodie Trend

When you need to add an umami blast to your food, you can't go wrong with a splash of garum. According to Gourmet Traveller, this sauce dates back to ancient Rome when artisans placed the fresh entrails of fish into vats and the occasional herb to ferment into a pungent, concentrated sauce. While the world lacked this sauce for years, a rising generation of chefs have rediscovered garum and have started to incorporate the sauce into dishes to add a punchy hit of fish flavor. Thanks to a dynamic Danish restaurant, you might end up finding garum at your local grocer instead of an exclusive ingredient at the finest restaurants.

According to Eater, the Copenhagen-based restaurant Noma plans to release a line of garums for home use. If the idea of fermented fish turns you off, Noma has stayed one step ahead by making all of their new garums vegetarian or vegan friendly. The restaurant's fermentation lab plans to release egg white and smoked mushroom garums, perfect for adding some umami into whatever needs an extra edge. With this new condiment hitting shelves, foodies everywhere should rejoice once they get their hands on this exquisite condiment.

A one-of-a-kind sauce that dates back to Rome

The unique and rare nature of garum lends itself to foodie culture. The pandemic has led diners to experience some serious FOMO, and getting a chance to visit Noma has felt out of reach for many for over a year. By getting some of this handcrafted sauce, eaters across the country can indulge in a special experience you once had to travel the globe to enjoy. The long brewing process also adds to the one-of-a-kind taste and rarity of garum, along with the fact that it uses specialty ingredients like koji rice in the brewing process.

If you want to stay ahead of the foodie curve, make sure to order your own bottle of garum from Noma to show off this age-old product that can give your food the kick it needs. For a blast of umami, make sure to keep an eye out for garum hitting your social media feed and hopefully your local specialty grocer sometime soon. With any luck, diners everywhere can rediscover the deep flavors locked away in each bottle of this rich condiment.