Martha Stewart Says These 5 Toppings Make The Perfect Hot Dog

Hot dogs are a classic American food no matter if you enjoy them from stands year round or you love to grill them up during the summer months. Even if you aren't a huge fan of hot dogs, you've likely heard about the warring differences between a New York style hot dog and a Chicago hot dog. Though the base can vary slightly between a grilled frank and a grilled sausage, it really all comes down to an argument over the toppings.

According to Cest La Vibe, a New York City hot dog includes four toppings — sauerkraut, deli-style mustard, tomato sauce, and diced sweet onion. It's a perfectly balanced combination of sweet and savory. Chicago style dogs have a few more toppings that all pack huge flavor between the bun. Chicago hot dogs are typically topped with yellow mustard, diced white onion, sweet pickle relish, sliced tomato, a dill pickle spear, pickled peppers, and a touch of celery salt. This is a dog for those that love the sharp acidity and tanginess of so many pickled components.

These are Martha Stewart's go-to hot dog toppings

When Martha Stewart recently spoke to Today, she revealed that she has a totally rogue take on hot dog toppings that borrows from both New York and Chicago, with her own touch too. Apparently, Stewart was grilling at home and had all of the toppings and bases for a hot dog that you could imagine. "Do you know I have a hot dog at every hot dog stand? It's called a 'Martha Dog,'" Stewart told the outlet.

She placed a hot dog in a buttered bun and started by topping it with Dijon mustard and pickled relish. Stewart also added sauerkraut, dill pickles, and bacon to her signature hot dog. The combination obviously nods to both cities, while adding her own smokey flavor thanks to the bacon addition. It sounds like a delicious pairing, and if you're not fussy about your hot dogs, then you should definitely give it a try. You might just love it.